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Cyprus Flag in White List of Paris and Tokyo Memoranda, Affirms Deputy Minister for Shipping

The Cypriot flag has secured its place among the flags listed in the white list of the Paris and Tokyo memoranda, announced Deputy Minister for Shipping Marina Hadjimanoli. This achievement signifies Cyprus's commitment to leveraging its maritime infrastructure and human resources to enhance its competitiveness in the global shipping industry.

Cyprus Flag in White List of Paris and Tokyo Memoranda, Affirms Deputy Minister for Shipping

Speaking at the "Shipping in Cyprus and Prospects in Larnaca" event organized by the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, Hadjimanoli highlighted the significance of shipping for Cyprus's economic development. She emphasized that shipping contributes 7% to the country's GDP and plays a pivotal role in its social and political progress.

Underlining the government's dedication to further improving and developing Cypriot shipping, Hadjimanoli noted the rapid growth of commercial shipping in Cyprus over the past few decades. Currently, Cyprus boasts the eleventh-largest fleet globally and the third-largest fleet in Europe, establishing itself as a major maritime power.

Hadjimanoli highlighted Cyprus's evolution into a modern and efficient maritime center, ranking among the top three ship management centers worldwide and the largest in Europe. She emphasized that the Cypriot flag is recognized as one of the most reputable and competitive flags in the shipping industry, complying with international maritime safety and protection standards.

Proudly announcing the Cypriot flag's rise from the 13th to the 8th position in the recent white list released by the Paris MoU, Hadjimanoli affirmed Cyprus's active involvement in international organizations such as the IMO, ILO, and the European Union. This recognition positions Cyprus as a key player in decisions related to flag states and recognized organizations.

Regarding Larnaca's historical connection to the sea and shipping, Hadjimanoli reiterated the government's commitment to the city's development. She highlighted ongoing projects, including the modernization and redevelopment of Larnaca Port and Marina by Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd and the establishment of the first research institute for maritime technologies in the city.

Hadjimanoli also mentioned the successful resumption of the maritime passenger connection between Cyprus and Greece after a 21-year hiatus. The inclusion of Larnaca Port in the contracted company's route signifies Cyprus's readiness to fully utilize its maritime infrastructure and human resources, strengthening its position as a prominent player in the shipping industry.

The event concluded with Hadjimanoli expressing optimism about the future prospects of the shipping industry in Cyprus. The government remains committed to fostering its growth and maintaining Cyprus's prominent position in the global maritime sector.



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