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Cyprus' European Elections: Elam and Fidias Win Seats, Akel Loses One

The European election results on Sunday brought a mix of celebration, sadness, and shock across Cyprus. For the first time, Elam has secured one of the country’s six MEP seats, with Geadis Geadi elected to the European Parliament. Additionally, Youtuber Fidias Panayiotou won a seat, marking his first foray into politics.

Cyprus' European Elections: Elam and Fidias Win Seats, Akel Loses One


Panayiotou celebrated his victory with a massive party in Nicosia’s Eleftheria Square, exclaiming, “We are writing history. Not just in Cyprus, but internationally.” At 24 years old and with no political background, Panayiotou’s victory has been widely seen as a significant message to the traditional political parties in Cyprus. Describing his win as a miracle, Panayiotou invited the public to choose a place for his celebration party.


The election results proved disappointing for Akel, which lost one of its seats. The party’s general secretary, Stefanos Stefanou, labeled the outcome as “negative” and emphasized the need for deep reflection. Despite the loss, Akel’s current MEP, Giorgos Georgiou, was re-elected.


Disy remains represented with two MEPs: incumbent Loucas Fourlas and former Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas. Party leader Annita Demetriou praised the results as a victory, stating that the party stands united and is a key player across the country.


Costas Mavrides of Diko secured his seat for a third term in the European Parliament. However, Diko’s leader, Nicolas Papadopoulos, described the results as a “warning sign” for society, admitting they were negative and pledging not to hide from the outcome.

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The latest election results also mean that Cyprus no longer has a Turkish Cypriot MEP in the European Parliament. Niyazi Kızılyürek, who was the first to hold the post on the Akel ticket, was not re-elected this time around.


In summary, the European elections have brought significant changes to Cyprus' political landscape, with new faces emerging and traditional parties facing setbacks.



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