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Cyprus as a Regional Cybersecurity Nexus: Hosting Key Conference to Strengthen Global Defenses

In a strategic move to become a vital link between the Middle East and Europe in the realm of cybersecurity, Cyprus is set to host the Europe & Asia-Pacific Interregional CyberDrill conference from November 28 to December 1 in Limassol. This significant event, organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in collaboration with Cyprus's Digital Security Authority (DSA), aims to bolster cybersecurity readiness, fortify protection measures, and enhance incident response capabilities among participating Member States.

Cyprus as a Regional Cybersecurity Nexus: Hosting Key Conference to Strengthen Global Defenses

George Michaelides, the Communications Commissioner overseeing the DSA, emphasized the conference's importance, attributing Cyprus's role as host to the nation's ongoing efforts to build cybersecurity capacity and establish itself as a prominent regional cybersecurity services hub. The CyberDrill conference is set to simulate various cyber-attacks and disruptions, serving as a comprehensive test of the participating entities' abilities to respond effectively to diverse cybersecurity threats.

Cyprus, represented by the DSA, is hosting the CyberDrill conference for the second time, reflecting the nation's commitment to advancing cybersecurity initiatives. Michaelides expressed pride in Cyprus's growing role in the cybersecurity domain, noting that the event is more than a conference – it is a testament to the country's dedication to cybersecurity excellence.

Anticipating the participation of 200 representatives from 34 countries, the conference will facilitate discussions on crucial aspects of cybersecurity cooperation. These discussions will cover the regional cybersecurity landscape, the state of national operations, and strategies to bolster cybersecurity capacity. Michaelides underscored the need to not only increase the state's but also the business sector's cybersecurity capacity, emphasizing the goal of positioning Cyprus as a center for services and products certification in the field.


Despite Cyprus's proactive approach to cybersecurity, the nation has faced challenges, including notable cyber incidents earlier this year. The DSA, in response, is actively involved in several initiatives to fortify cybersecurity defenses. One such initiative involves the construction of a 600-square-meter training facility designed to host local and international conferences focused on cybersecurity.

The CyberDrill conference aligns seamlessly with the ITU's global commitment to strengthening cybersecurity capacity. With a track record of conducting over 30 CyberDrills in collaboration with more than 100 countries in the last decade, the ITU continues to play a crucial role in enhancing global cybersecurity resilience. The upcoming conference is expected to contribute significantly to creating a secure and resilient information and communication technology environment globally, aligning with the outcomes of the 2022 World Telecommunication Development Conference.

Cyprus's proactive stance and initiatives underscore its determination to position itself as a regional and global leader in the field of cybersecurity services and products. By actively addressing the rising threats posed by cyber incidents, Cyprus is reinforcing its commitment to excellence and collaboration in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.


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