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Curaçao Gambling License Fees Unveiled: In-Depth Breakdown Under New Legislation

Javier Silvania, Curaçao's Minister of Finance, has provided a comprehensive breakdown of the fee structure for gambling licenses, encompassing both the current law and the upcoming National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK). The existing law combines Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) licenses, with a zero application fee, an annual fee of ANG36,000, and a monthly fee of ANG7,000, covering up to 40 domains.

Curaçao Gambling License Fees Unveiled: In-Depth Breakdown Under New Legislation

The imminent LOK introduces a separate fee structure for B2C licenses. It includes an ANG9,000 application fee, one-off due diligence fees (ranging from ANG250 to ANG500 per person based on role), an annual fee of ANG48,000, a monthly fee of ANG4,000, and an additional ANG500 per domain, allowing an unlimited number of domains. Operators transitioning from the existing law to LOK are exempt from the ANG48,000 fee until their license's first anniversary, with the monthly fee reduced to ANG4,000.

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B2B licenses under the LOK mirror B2C fees, with an ANG9,000 application fee, due diligence fees (ANG250 to ANG500 per person), an annual fee of ANG48,000, and no monthly fee, while domains are not applicable.

Curaçao initiated its revamped licensing process on September 1, with the Gaming Control Board opening the license application portal. Registration commenced on November 1, enabling processing under existing legislation and the registration of sublicensees for LOK compliance. Hilary Stewart-Jones, an independent consultant at Harris Hagan, joined the GCB as an adviser in September. The LOK is strategically positioned to act as a safeguard against potential grey-listing in the evolving regulatory landscape.



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