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Chinese Tourists' Travel Preferences Shift Towards Malta and Portugal for Autumn 2023

Chinese tourists are increasingly choosing Malta and Portugal as travel destinations for autumn 2023, indicating a growing interest in these European Union countries, according to the Long-Haul Travel Barometer survey conducted by the European Travel Commission (ETC).

Chinese Tourists' Travel Preferences Shift Towards Malta and Portugal for Autumn 2023

France remains the top choice for Chinese travelers, with 47% of respondents including it in their autumn travel plans. Germany is the second most preferred destination, chosen by 23% of respondents. Italy and Denmark share the third spot with 20% each. Austria closely follows at 19%, and Switzerland, Greece, and Finland share the fifth spot with 13% each. Interestingly, Chinese tourists are also showing a keen interest in exploring less common European destinations like Bulgaria, Iceland, Sweden, and Ireland.

In terms of preferences, 40% of Chinese travelers prioritize gastronomy experiences, followed by city life activities at 32%, and nature-based activities, such as hiking, at 29%. Luxury shopping is the least favored activity, with only 17% of respondents choosing it.

When it comes to transportation, the majority of Chinese tourists, approximately 83%, plan to use full-service flights for their travel between European countries, while 29% consider low-cost flights as an option. Train passes are the second choice, with 25% of Chinese travelers selecting this option, while only 7% opt for motorhomes, including campervans and truck campers.

This data reflects the evolving preferences of Chinese travelers as they increasingly explore a broader range of European destinations and activities, aiming for more diverse and culturally immersive experiences.



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