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Cambodia Extradites 130 Chinese Nationals for Cybercrimes and Illegal Gambling

The General Department of Immigration (GDI) under Cambodia's Ministry of Interior has recently made significant strides in combating cybercrimes, online fraud, and illegal gambling. Lieutenant General Sok Somnea, Spokesman and Deputy Director General of the GDI, disclosed that 130 Chinese nationals were extradited on April 13 in connection with these illicit activities.

Cambodia Extradites 130 Chinese Nationals for Cybercrimes and Illegal Gambling

130 Chinese nationals were extradited on April 13, for their involvement in cybercrimes, online fraud, and illegal gambling. We are still looking for more of those involved in these crimes, and I cannot go into more detail, as it is under investigation by the Immigration Police," Lt Gen Somnea stated.


The operation involved the confiscation of servers, computers, mobile phones, SIM cards, and other equipment suspected to have been utilized for criminal purposes. These items have been submitted to the provincial court as evidence.


Furthermore, Cambodian authorities are collaborating closely with their Chinese counterparts to exchange crucial information concerning the investigation, crackdown efforts, and the rescue of victims affected by cybercrimes.


China Daily reported that a joint operation between China's public security authorities and Cambodian police resulted in the dismantling of numerous gambling dens and fraud operations in Preah Sihanouk province. A substantial number of Chinese nationals suspected of criminal activities were apprehended during the operation, and equipment such as servers, computers, and mobile phones were seized.


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"In a two-day operation to crack down on online fraud from March 9 to 10, the provincial authorities arrested 479 people, comprising 279 Cambodians, 109 Vietnamese, 55 Thais, 28 Chinese, eight Taiwanese, and one Myanmar national," the report stated.


Under the coordination of the Ministry of Public Security in Hubei province, a working group was dispatched to Cambodia to facilitate the extradition process. The individuals were extradited in batches via chartered civil aviation flights to China, commencing from Saturday.


Anti-gambling operations conducted by Cambodian authorities have been particularly active, notably in Preah Sihanouk province. This recent crackdown underscores the government's commitment to combating transnational cybercrimes and illegal gambling activities, safeguarding both its citizens and international interests.



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