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Calvert Research and Management Unveils Three Sustainable Investment Funds

Calvert Research and Management, the sustainable investment arm of Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM), has launched three active funds, targeting global equities, high yield bonds, and US equities. All three funds fall under Article 8 of the EU sustainable investment disclosure rules, indicating their commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. The Washington-based firm aims to attract investors with a keen interest in sustainable investment practices. Vittorio Ambrogi, Head of European Distribution at MSIM, expressed the firm's excitement about meeting the strong demand for sustainable funds, emphasizing the strategic move to bring these strategies to the market.

Calvert Research and Management Unveils Three Sustainable Investment Funds

These three new funds, named the MS INVF Calvert Global Equity Fund, the MS INVF Calvert Global High Yield Bond Fund, and the MS INVF Calvert US Equity Fund, join the existing lineup of 11 Calvert funds available in Europe. The investment approach of Calvert's active teams integrates ESG and sustainability factors seamlessly into the research process. Additionally, the firm emphasizes its commitment to engaging with company management to influence their approach to financially material ESG issues.


As sustainable investing continues to gain traction globally, Calvert Research and Management's expansion of its fund offerings reflects the growing investor appetite for strategies that align with environmental and social considerations. The new funds provide investors with additional avenues to incorporate sustainability into their portfolios while benefitting from active management strategies that leverage ESG insights.



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