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Bulgaria to Grant Five-Year Schengen Visas to Kuwaitis: Detailed Updates on Visa Regulations and Schengen Entry Procedures

Commencing March 31, 2024, Bulgarian authorities have announced a significant update in their visa issuance policy, revealing plans to grant five-year multiple-entry Schengen visas to holders of Kuwaiti passports. This pivotal decision was formally confirmed by Dimitar Dimitrov, the esteemed Ambassador of Bulgaria to Kuwait. The move comes in tandem with Bulgaria's impending partial integration into the Schengen Area, symbolizing the nation's adherence to uniform visa regulations akin to those enforced by other Schengen member states. Ambassador Dimitrov reiterated the eligibility criteria for obtaining these extended visas, stressing that they would be awarded exclusively to applicants who fulfill the requisite conditions.

Bulgaria to Grant Five-Year Schengen Visas to Kuwaitis: Detailed Updates on Visa Regulations and Schengen Entry Procedures

Furthermore, Ambassador Dimitrov took the opportunity to underscore certain essential details regarding the nature of Bulgarian short-term visas, particularly highlighting their allowance for a maximum stay of 90 days within any 180-day period across the Schengen Area. He also emphasized the added advantage bestowed upon holders of Bulgarian Schengen visas, enabling them to seamlessly traverse the territories of other Schengen member nations.

According to an official statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, post-March 31, 2024, any Schengen visa endorsed by the Republic of Bulgaria will confer upon its holder the privilege of unrestricted travel throughout the Schengen area, subject to compliance with the stipulated Schengen regulations governing the duration of stay.


In a proactive bid to facilitate smooth visa processing procedures, Ambassador Dimitrov urged Kuwaiti nationals to proactively submit their visa applications well in advance of their anticipated travel dates. He outlined the permissible time frame for application submissions, noting that they may be lodged up to six months before the intended travel date and must be filed at least 15 days prior to the scheduled entry into the Schengen Area. Visa applications will be meticulously processed through the consular section located in Jabriya, with ongoing efforts to enhance the appointment scheduling mechanism.

March 31, 2024, holds significant significance for Bulgaria as it marks the nation's official induction into the Schengen Area through air and sea routes. Consequently, a set of streamlined protocols will be set into motion, thereby simplifying travel arrangements for citizens of Schengen member countries visiting Bulgaria via air or sea, as well as for those transiting through Bulgaria en route to other Schengen territories. Notably, travelers originating from Schengen nations flying to Bulgaria will be exempted from passport controls upon arrival, instead being directed to designated gates for routine security screenings. Similarly, passengers departing from Bulgaria to other Schengen destinations will experience expedited procedures. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that passport controls will persist at land borders, given that Bulgaria's accession to the Schengen Area is confined solely to air and sea arrivals.



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