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BOS Supports Government Action Against Match-Fixing in Swedish Online Gambling Sector

The Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) has issued a statement regarding the government's initiative to address match-fixing concerns. BOS specifically highlights the motion titled 'Referral Fi2024/00220: A right for licensees to process information about legal violation,' which aims to enable the sharing of information on legal violations under certain circumstances.

BOS Supports Government Action Against Match-Fixing in Swedish Online Gambling Sector

Gustaf Hoffstedt, Secretary General of BOS, expressed support on behalf of member companies for the proposed measures facilitating information sharing about legal violations. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a betting market free from manipulation to sustain consumer trust and demand for their offerings. According to Hoffstedt, ensuring the integrity of the betting market is paramount for all gambling consumers, except those with illicit intentions.


Currently representing 18 gambling companies in the Swedish market, including notable members from 888 William Hill, Betsson, bet365, and Games Global, BOS stresses the significance of legal certainty in sharing individual data between betting firms and sports associations, particularly when suspicions arise regarding law violations or sports rule breaches. Hoffstedt commended the government's attention to this matter, indicating a collaborative effort with industry peers and sports organizations to advocate for these measures over several years.

The initiative aligns with broader efforts to increase channelization rates, which refer to the proportion of individuals gambling exclusively through licensed, legal operators. BOS cited channelization rates for competitive gaming and sports betting (excluding horseracing) in March 2023, revealing figures of 77% and 84%, respectively.

Highlighting the prevalence of match-fixing in esports, BOS mentioned recent actions by Spelinspektionen, the Swedish Gambling Authority, in banning two additional skin-gambling sites targeting players in the region. These actions underscore the ongoing commitment to combatting illicit activities in the gambling sector.



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