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Binance Launches Ethereum Proof-of-Work Mining Pool with No Fee at First

ETHW initially struggled, but mining assistance from Binance customers may theoretically help.

Customers can now join a mining pool for ETHW, the split version of Ethereum that retains the blockchain's original proof-of-work (PoW) principles, according to cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

According to a statement issued Thursday, participants in the ETHW Pool will not be charged a fee during a promotional period that ends Oct. 29.

The Ethereum Merge successfully moved the blockchain to a proof-of-stake mechanism two weeks ago, removing the necessity for crypto miners on the network. Though it had a bumpy start, a new forked version of Ethereum that was still driven by PoW was built. Customers of Binance, a crypto trading behemoth, could theoretically help sustain the forked version.



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