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Betting and Gaming Council Urges Government to Maintain Commitment to Frictionless Financial Checks

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) in the UK is urging the government to honor its commitment to frictionless financial risk checks, as a parliamentary debate on the matter is scheduled for February 26. This comes in response to a petition that gained over 100,000 signatures, expressing concerns about proposed affordability checks outlined in the Gambling Act white paper.

Betting and Gaming Council Urges Government to Maintain Commitment to Frictionless Financial Checks

The BGC has consistently supported enhanced checks for online gambling but insists that these measures should be both frictionless and carefully targeted. The proposed checks include detailed affordability assessments for players experiencing losses of £1,000 in 24 hours or £2,000 over 90 days. Additionally, operators would be required to perform checks on players with a monthly net loss beyond £125 or £500 per year.

CEO of the BGC, Michael Dugher, emphasized that the council's position on enhanced checks has not changed. While supporting the need for improved checks, Dugher stressed that these measures should be implemented without causing disruption to players who bet responsibly. He stated that the government needs to strike a balance between introducing effective checks and preserving the experience of the majority of players who engage in safe and responsible gambling.


Dugher pointed out that the government's commitment to frictionless checks was crucial. He expressed concerns about potential checks that could be intrusive and risk driving punters to the unregulated black market online. Dugher highlighted the lack of standards and protections offered by such unregulated platforms, along with their non-contribution to the Exchequer and sports like horse racing.

The BGC is calling for a careful approach, emphasizing that any introduced checks should be properly piloted before permanent changes are implemented. Dugher further stated that the council continues to collaborate with the Gambling Commission in addressing these concerns.

The parliamentary debate is expected to shed light on the delicate balance between consumer protection, responsible gambling, and the potential unintended consequences of stringent financial checks in the UK's gambling industry.



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