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BetMGM Faces Controversy After Cancelling Winning Bets Citing "Obvious Error"

A sports bettor residing in Fairfax County, Virginia, has raised concerns after BetMGM cancelled his winning bets on account of an alleged "obvious error with odds."

BetMGM Faces Controversy After Cancelling Winning Bets Citing "Obvious Error"

Kris Benton placed wagers amounting to $3,000 on the Netherlands vs. Vietnam match during the Women's World Cup on August 1st. His bets, comprising three distinct single-game parlays, were executed through the BetMGM mobile app and carried odds of 66 to 1 at the time of placement. Astonishingly, Benton's wagers turned out to be winners.

Following his triumph, Benton initiated a withdrawal request for $100,000, the maximum allowable amount in a single withdrawal. However, despite receiving an initial confirmation email from BetMGM validating the withdrawal, his account later displayed the bets as cancelled. Consequently, his withdrawal was reversed, and his stake was refunded into his account.

Subsequently, Benton received correspondence from BetMGM's online gaming operations team, explaining that an "obvious error" had occurred, leading to the incorrect odds. The email highlighted a flaw in the corners market that inflated the odds, which should not have been offered at that price. As a result, the wager was declared void due to the inability to ascertain the correct odds.

In a conversation with WUSA9, Benton expressed his dismay, stating, "This was going to be a life-changing moment for us, and then in an instant, it was all taken away without any notification whatsoever. I was completely devastated."

BetMGM PR Coordinator Nick Lovera declined to comment on the incident but emphasized that the company's actions were in compliance with its terms and conditions. Benton revealed that BetMGM offered him a $100 bonus bet as compensation for the inconvenience.

The episode has ignited debate about the responsibilities of bookmakers in such scenarios, particularly when errors occur in odds. The incident underscores the complexities of the dynamic between sports bettors and betting platforms, where interpretations of terms and conditions play a pivotal role. As discussions continue, the controversy serves as a reminder of the challenges associated with maintaining transparency and fairness in the realm of sports betting.


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