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BaFin President Warns Financial Sector of Grave Cyber Threats, Urges Proactive Measures in 2024

The president of Germany's financial regulator, BaFin, Mark Branson, has issued a stark warning about the profound threat that cyber attacks pose to the financial sector. In a recent statement, Branson emphasized the far-reaching consequences of disturbances, noting that the impact need not be confined to banks or insurers directly, as issues with service providers enlisted by these entities could potentially disrupt the entire financial system.

BaFin President Warns Financial Sector of Grave Cyber Threats, Urges Proactive Measures in 2024

Branson urged companies within the financial sector to prioritize resilience against both financial and operational risks, highlighting the need for a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Emphasizing the current robust state of the financial sector, he urged organizations to utilize their profits for safeguarding against cyber events, stressing that such measures should extend beyond benefiting shareholders alone.

"It's not just shareholders who should benefit from the profits. Risk provisioning must not be neglected. Businesses also need to invest more than ever in their operational security and stability," remarked Mr. Branson.


In its comprehensive report, BaFin identified seven key risks that could threaten financial stability and the integrity of the German financial system. Among the highlighted risks, cyber attacks with serious implications were underscored as a critical concern. The regulatory body stressed the necessity for the financial sector to fortify itself against such digital threats, considering them alongside risks stemming from interest rate fluctuations, real estate market corrections, international financial market adjustments, default of loans to German companies, inadequate anti-money laundering practices, and concentrations in the outsourcing of IT services.

Looking ahead to 2024, BaFin disclosed its intent to concentrate special attention on the aforementioned risks, signaling a commitment to proactive risk management and regulatory vigilance. The call to action resonates within the financial industry, urging institutions to bolster their cybersecurity measures and invest in operational security to ensure the continued stability of the German financial system.


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