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Axa IM has launched a metaverse fund

Axa Investment Managers (Axa IM) has launched the AXA WF Metaverse fund, which will invest in firms that "play a role" in the digital and physical worlds colliding.

The actively managed multi-cap fund will invest in developing Metaverse long-term growth possibilities in established and emerging economies worldwide, utilizing Axa IM's experience managing disruptive technology initiatives.

The plan will be divided into four subthemes: gaming, social interaction, work, and enablement. The enabling theme will span several industries, including semiconductors, technical infrastructure, cybersecurity, and payments.

The Metaverse fund is a new addition to AXA IM's thematic equity fund lineup, designed to complement the Robotech and Digital Economy strategies already available. It will be led by Pauline Llandric and co-led by Tom Riley and Jeremy Gleeson, who are currently responsible for the Robotech and Digital Economy initiatives. Llandric and her co-managers will select 40 to 60 names for the fund among the 250 stocks that now comprise the Metaverse.

“We believe Axa IM is one of the first active thematic Metaverse investors and this fund launch builds on our established history in long-term thematic investment." said Mark Hargraves, global head of Axa IM Equity.

“The Metaverse is an expanding and tangible investment opportunity, driven by real companies with the potential to deliver strong year-on-year growth over the next decade. With a global customer base, we expect to see an increasing number of companies emerging from new sectors – such as healthcare and financials – as capabilities increase to bolster the promising investment opportunities in this space.”

The plan is ESG-aware and complies with Article 8 of the EU's Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.



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