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Atlantic House has launched a fund that invests in uncorrelated strategies

Atlantic House Investments has launched an uncorrelated strategies fund with the goal of pursuing multi-asset derivative strategies that can generate a variety of returns.

The fund, which has £30 million in client assets, will aim for positive returns in a variety of market scenarios while also attempting to protect the portfolio from significant downturns.

Long volatility strategies will aim to profit from rising implied or realized volatility, as well as serve as a hedge against extreme market movements.

The fund will invest in equities, fixed income, credit, currencies, and commodities, as well as volatility and derivative strategies. This allows the fund to take advantage of opportunities that are uncorrelated across asset classes.

The Atlantic House Uncorrelated Strategies Fund is a daily-dealing Ucits fund that is open to all investors but is geared toward professional and institutional clients.

"As with all Atlantic House funds, the inspiration came from listening to our clients, understanding their challenges, and finding innovative solutions that both play to our investment strengths, and which can deliver the outcomes they seek," said Tony Stenning, CEO of Atlantic House Group.

"We believe the fund will be a compelling proposition for investors seeking uncorrelated positive returns, protection from extreme market falls and diversification," says the company.

According to Atlantic House, the fund will provide access to volatility as an asset class to a broader group of investors, which has previously only been available to large institutions.

Atlantic House's chief investment officer, Tom May, described the new strategy as an expansion of the firm's capabilities.

"While the fund is new, many of the strategies are already tried and tested by our investment team either within the Atlantic House Total Return Fund or in bespoke investments for existing clients," he added.



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