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Armenians should be able to enter the EU without a visa, according to Ambassador-at-Large

Edmon Marukyan, Ambassador-at-Large of Armenia, stated that it is past due for the European Union to decide to liberalize visa requirements for Armenia and grant visa-free travel to Armenians.

Through an official tweet sent out earlier today, Ambassador-at-Large Marukyan emphasized that Armenia has already taken steps to qualify for a visa-liberalization agreement and added that he hopes the EU will end its requirement for Armenian citizens to obtain Schengen visas in 2023.

"oday is the 5th anniversary of EU, CEPA. It’s time for the EU to make a decision on visa liberalization for Armenia. Armenia has gained that right through reforms. And I hope EU will remove Schengen visa requirement for our citizens in 2023," Armenia's Ambassador-at-Large tweeted.

All of Armenia's citizens must get visas in advance of entering the EU because the two sides have not yet reached an agreement on visa liberalization.

Except for Armenia, a number of other countries' residents are required to have a Schengen visa in order to enter the EU. This short-stay visa entitles its holder to travel to any of the Schengen Area's member states for stays of up to 90 days in a 180-day period.

If they intend to enter the EU for travel, Armenians and citizens of other nations that have not negotiated a visa-liberalization agreement must apply for a visiting visa.

At the very least three months prior to the intended arrival in the EU, a Schengen visa appointment should be scheduled, and applicants must ensure that they have all necessary documentation on hand when called in for the interview.

A passport that is not more than ten years old and is still valid for three months beyond the intended stay in the Schengen area is required of anyone applying for a Schengen visa in one of the issuing nations. They also need to fill out the visa application form completely and accurately.

Armenian nationals applying for Schengen tourist visas must also provide proof of health insurance purchase, a roundtrip itinerary reservation, an invitation letter, financial means documentation, and lodging documentation.

Employed applicants must also present their job contract, leaver permission, and income tax return.



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