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ANJ's Eric Sjöden Emphasizes Dialogue in French Gambling Regulation

Eric Sjöden, Senior Advisor for International Affairs at France's gambling regulator, l'Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), highlights the importance of dialogue in regulating the country's gambling market. ANJ has been actively engaged in discussions with operators, focusing on areas such as problem gambling, anti-money laundering (AML), and advertising. Sjöden points out that ongoing dialogue with operators is central to ANJ's regulatory approach.

ANJ's Eric Sjöden Emphasizes Dialogue in French Gambling Regulation

Each year, ANJ requires operators to submit action plans addressing fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, and safer gambling. This provision fosters continuous communication between operators and the regulator, allowing for recommendations and improvements. Sjöden notes that this approach has led to better governance and risk management over the years.

Sjöden explains that ANJ may reject action plans if they don't meet the required standards. The regulator's goal is to have operators address potential issues before they arise, which he believes sets ANJ's approach apart from other European markets.

ANJ's approach emphasizes cooperation between operators and the regulator, with both working together for international sustainability. Sjöden reveals that ANJ is developing tools such as a guide for tracking gambling harm and potentially setting up loss limits under ANJ's control to support safer gambling efforts.

Regarding the legalization of online casinos in France, Sjöden emphasizes the need for more data before offering advice. ANJ has commissioned a study on illegal gambling and consumer habits in France, set to be released soon. This study will estimate the size of the market and provide insights into illegal offers and player practices, which will inform ANJ's assessment and regulatory decisions.

While ANJ enforces strict monitoring and sanctions, Sjöden emphasizes that the regulator does not wish to ban or severely restrict gambling advertising. ANJ aims to strike a balance that keeps the French gambling market accessible to players while ensuring safe and responsible marketing practices. Dialogue and cooperation remain central to ANJ's approach as it continues to evolve its regulatory framework.



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