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Allwyn Prevails as IGT Withdraws Legal Challenge: Resolving Disputes and Shaping the Future of the UK National Lottery

International Game Technology (IGT) has withdrawn its legal challenge against the decision to grant the fourth UK National Lottery license to Allwyn. The dispute originated in July 2022 when the Court of Appeal permitted IGT to challenge the selection made by the Gambling Commission, which named Allwyn as the successful bidder in March 2022. In July 2023, the Court ruled that IGT lacked legal standing for a damages claim against the Commission. Despite appealing this ruling in September, IGT has now requested the Court to dismiss the appeal and will no longer pursue the damages claim.

Allwyn Prevails as IGT Withdraws Legal Challenge: Resolving Disputes and Shaping the Future of the UK National Lottery

The Gambling Commission maintains that it conducted a fair and robust competition, adhering to statutory duties. The focus remains on implementing the decision to award the fourth National Lottery License on February 1, 2024. Allwyn, the chosen bidder, has committed to investing in the National Lottery, anticipating growth and innovation across its products and channels, leading to increased contributions to good causes.

IGT was not the sole party challenging the decision, as Camelot Group, the long-time operator of the National Lottery since its inception in 1994, also contested the move. Camelot, along with other bidders like The New Lottery Company and Sisal, sought legal recourse in April 2022, leading to the suspension of Allwyn's formal lottery license issuance. Despite being given permission to appeal, Camelot dropped its legal bid in September 2022, fostering a resolution with Allwyn.

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Interestingly, despite the initial conflict, Allwyn and Camelot have grown closer post-legal challenges. Allwyn acquired Camelot UK in February 2023 and earlier in the same year, acquired Camelot Lottery Solutions, subsequently rebranded as Allwyn North America. With Camelot stepping aside as the lottery operator, Allwyn has solidified its presence in the UK market. The impact of these acquisitions is evident in Allwyn's financial performance, with Q3 2023 witnessing a remarkable 98% rise in consolidated total revenue, driven by the Camelot acquisitions.

As Allwyn gears up to take over the National Lottery operations, the company's focus remains on delivering growth, innovation, and increased contributions to good causes, while Camelot retains ties to the games it has managed for decades through a series of strategic acquisition deals.



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