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Accusations of Unfair Visa Denials: Moroccan Citizens Allege Racism at Spanish Consulate in Nador

Citizens of Morocco have lodged serious complaints against the Spanish Consulate General in Nador, accusing it of unjustly rejecting their Schengen visa applications. Despite submitting all the required documents, applicants contend that the consulate has been unreasonably refusing their requests, sparking accusations of racial bias.

Schengen Visa Refusals

Expressing frustration over the lack of clear explanations for the visa denials, Moroccan citizens who applied for a Spain Schengen Visa at the Spanish Consulate General in Nador are terming this pattern as "racist behavior." One applicant, whose visa application was rejected despite fulfilling all necessary requirements, expressed dismay, describing the decision as both racist and irresponsible. The individual vowed not to reapply for a Spanish visa, opting instead to explore visa options in another Schengen Member State.

Additional grievances have emerged, with another applicant, also facing a visa denial, echoing claims of racist behavior and wrongful rejection. This individual, who occasionally needs to enter the city of Melilla, emphasized the need for the consulate to provide valid reasons for visa refusals, deeming the denials as irresponsible.


Said Sharamti, the president of the Greater Rif Association for Human Rights, condemned the situation, announcing plans to address letters to the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Minister and the African Cooperation and Moroccan Living Abroad. The aim is to express concerns and seek intervention to ensure fair treatment for Moroccans applying for a Schengen visa at the Spanish Consulate General in Nador. Sharamti highlighted the potential threat such behavior poses to cooperation between the two countries, underscoring the need for corrective measures.

It's worth noting that this isn't the first instance of controversy involving the Spanish Consulate General in Nador. Recent revelations disclosed that four employees are under investigation for allegedly providing fake documents to Schengen visa applicants, facilitating visa approval in exchange for monetary gains.

Despite Morocco leading in Schengen visa applications from African countries in 2022, with 423,201 applications and a spending of €33.8 million, only slightly more than half (57.5%) received positive responses. This discrepancy raises concerns about the fairness and transparency of the visa application process, prompting heightened scrutiny of the consulate's practices and their potential impact on bilateral relations between Morocco and Spain. By fLEXI tEAM


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