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A German regulator has classified DFS as illegal gambling

The Gemeinsamen Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL) has classified daily fantasy sports (DFS) as "certain forms" of illegal gambling in Germany.

A German regulator has classified DFS as illegal gambling

Following a review of a number of DFS variations, GGL determined at a hearing that they could be classified as illegal gambling.

According to Germany's Fourth State Treaty on Gaming, gaming operations may only be carried out with the express authorization of the GGL.

According to GGL, a "well-known" DFS provider suspended operations in Germany following the hearing.

According to GGL board member Ronald Benter, the decision was made to protect German players from addiction and unlawful gaming activities.

"We find that our decisions are accepted by the providers and implemented promptly," Benter added. "This protects consumers from illegal offers, as well as the risk of betting and gambling addiction."

According to GGL CEO Benjamin Schwanke, preventing illegal gambling offerings is a collaborative endeavour that regulators and authorities must be concerned about.

“Fighting illegal gambling is an important consumer protection issue and can only be effective if all other authorities involved, such as law enforcement agencies, pull together,” he said.

Jackpot50 was added to Germany's white list, which is a list of all operators who have been granted permission to operate there, last month.

GGL also approved Zeal's Lotto24 AG subsidiary a virtual slots licence last month.


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