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A Dutch court has ordered the former owners of an illegal online casino to pay €24.6 million

Following a decade-long investigation and legal dispute involving the operations of an unauthorised online casino, a Dutch court has determined that the former owners of Amsterdams Casino must pay the state €24,640,715 in damages.

The case was finally heard in court in December 2022, when the Public Prosecution Service's sentencing demands against the organisation behind Amsterdams Casino and Sheriff Gaming were heard. The District Court of East Brabant issued its final decision in the case yesterday.

The judge agreed that the penalty sought by the prosecutor was appropriate. However, the court also determined that those found guilty would each get a 10% reduction in their financial punishment because the case took an unusually long period to conclude.

The court determined that Amsterdams Casino owner Stijn F. must pay €6,889,958, which is reduced by 10% to €6,200,962. Maurice and Michel G., brothers, will have to pay €2,565,211 and €692,755 respectively. Various organisations and people are also have to pay the state €4,355,000, €632,417, €570,675, and €134,133.

The individuals engaged in the case may possibly face penalties from the local tax authorities. According to the most recent reports on the matter, the state is requesting a total of €13.5 million in unpaid taxes based on the unlawful internet casino's calculated income.

Since the investigation began in 2012, those involved have faced criminal allegations such as criminal organisation membership and money laundering. While penalties have been issued, due to the lengthy appeals process, none have yet served any prison time.



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