Positive messages from hoteliers, expectations for 2022


One month before the end of the tourist season, hotel occupancy is at a good level, creating expectations for a good next tourist season in 2022.

PASYXE General Manager Philokypros Rousounidis told StockWatch that after the relaxations made by the British government to the vaccinated Britons returning from abroad, the flow of tourists from Britain increased significantly, which in combination with the increase in tourist flows in Russia increase hotel occupancy by up to 70% in September and October.

At the same time, he noted that the upgrade of Cyprus to the orange category of the ECDC has contributed to the increase of last minute bookings by tourists from various European countries such as Poland, Switzerland and Germany.

According to Mr. Rousounidis, hoteliers are hoping for a difficult year, although the gap of the first half cannot be filled, as due to restrictive measures and lockdowns – not only in Cyprus, but in several countries – the traffic in hotels it was almost negligible.

Suggestions for dealing with problems in the industry

Referring to a recent meeting of PASYXE with the leadership of DIKO, Mr. Rousounidis noted that the various problems faced by the industry were put on the table and ways to manage them were discussed.

Among the issues discussed is the air connection of Cyprus throughout the year, with the relevant suggestions concerning the provision of incentives to airlines and travel agents, in order to help in this direction.

The issue of labor shortages was also discussed with hoteliers asking for permits and relief to be able to employ people from abroad, warning that otherwise the problem would have a major impact on tourism in Cyprus.

Descent of the British to Paphos

British tourists return to Paphos in the autumn, with PASYXE Paphos president Thanos Michailidis expressing full satisfaction with the occupancy levels.

Speaking to StockWatch, he noted that the occupancy of Paphos hotels in September and October is around 75% on average. He explained that the flow of tourists from Britain over time during these months is increased, due to school holidays.

Regarding the domestic market, he said it has significantly reduced its interest and that there are still no reservations for the weekend of 28 th October. He pointed out, however, that the Cypriots are at the last minute.

According to Mr. Michailidis, it is too early to make predictions for 2022, although there are some reservations for the new season.

He did, however,  estimate that in November they will slowly start closing hotels if they do not have reservations, although as he said, it is still early to know how many will close and how many will remain open.

Satisfactory fullness in Larnaca, Famagusta

The president of PASYXE Larnaca, Ioanna Florentiadou, is also satisfied, pointing out that there is an influx of British, Russian and German tourists.

“The good flow that gives us optimism that we will have a good season in 2022,” he said, noting that some hotels will remain open until the end of October or early November, while others will remain open for the winter. The occupancy of hotels in Larnaca, as he mentioned, amounts to 50% to 60%, creating a great prospect for tourist development of the city.

The director of the Famagusta Tourism Development and Promotion Company, Lakis Avramidis, noted that the fullness is 50% or even 100%, depending on the tourists arriving from Russia, Britain, Denmark.

He added that there is a decrease compared to September, noting that some hotels have started to close, while others are expected to remain open for perhaps the next two weeks, as Cypriots are making last minute bookings.

With a positive sign September and October

The general manager of the Association of Tourist Companies of Cyprus, Chrysaimili Psilogeni, told StockWatch that the international data in relation to the coronavirus pandemic are gradually improving with the increase of vaccination coverage.

A similar course is observed in recent months in Cyprus, with the most important development being the transfer of Cyprus to the “orange” category of the ECDC, after several months in the “red” category, as he said. “This development is particularly positive as it ranks us in the same category as most tourist destinations in the region,” he said.

He pointed out that now, everyone’s goal should be to intensify the effort to further improve the relevant epidemiological indicators so that Cyprus is gradually in the “green” category.

“It will be a very positive development in view of the effort made by all stakeholders so that 2022 is the year of real and sustainable recovery of the tourism sector,” he said. 

He noted that the last few months have been quite positive without this meaning that normalcy has returned. September moved positively under the circumstances, while October also seems to be a month with a positive sign, as he mentioned.

He also estimated that the winter season will be difficult, but the results may be better than originally expected, as long as health conditions continue to improve.

“Undoubtedly, everyone is focusing on the tourist season of 2022, which, if the epidemiological data allow it, we are optimistic that it will be the year in which we will gradually begin to return to pre-pandemic levels. After all, the forecasts and estimates of the World Tourism Organization want 2022 to be a year of significant recovery “, pointed out Ms. Psilogeni.     

Source: https://www.stockwatch.com.cy/

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