Marina Bay Sands to pay $6.5m to a former guest


Marina Bay Sands, an integrated resort in Singapore, reached a settlement of SGD9.1m ($6.5m) for one of its former patrons, Wang Xi. Bloomberg reported the casino met the demand for the former high roller who stated it was taken from his account. The alleged 22 unauthorised transfers to a foreign party took place between October and December 2015 and were supposedly backed by signed letters from the account holder, but Wang Xi claims the signatures were forged.

The lawsuit is based in part on the group’s failure to verify whether the letters were in fact signed by the plaintiff before “effecting the disputed transactions”. Bloomberg stated Marina Bay Sands settled out of court and both parties agreed to non-admission of liability. Wang Xi will be allowed to return to the casino provided he follows the group’s policies.

The case reputedly encouraged the US DOJ to launch an investigation over potential breaches in AML regulations. In January, the former management of Marina Bay Sands was issued a subpoena for documentation involving internal finances. However, neither Marina Bay Sands nor Singapore’s Casino Regulatory Authority has been contacted by the DOJ regarding the matter. The government agency put in a statement that it is committed to ensuring “casinos in Singapore, including Marina Bay Sands, remain free from criminal influence or exploitation, and takes a serious view of any allegations of unauthorized money transfers.”


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