How many Greeks own cryptocurrencies – Greece has a measurable crypto-community


Greece ranks 36th in the world based on the penetration of crypto in the population

The crypto community in Greece counts almost 200,000 people, as 1.87% of Greeks have adopted cryptocurrencies.
According to BrokerChooser, 194,860 Greeks hold cryptocurrencies.
This means that Greece is ranked 36th in the world based on the penetration of crypto in the population, one place lower than Finland and one place higher than Switzerland.
The numbers show that Greece has a measurable crypto-community, but it is far from the penetration rates of cryptocurrencies in other countries.
For example, in Ukraine, which ranks first in the survey, 12.73% of the population owns cryptocurrencies. In Russia, which is in second place, the penetration rate is 11.91%, followed by Kenya with 8.52%.
In the US, 8.31% of Americans, or more than 27 million people, own cryptocurrencies.
BrokerChooser data show that cryptocurrencies are more prevalent in countries with large financial centers (USA, UK), where many people are familiar with finance, but also in countries with weak or volatile currencies, which push part of the population in search alternatives.


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