Dutch Company Oceanco Builds Some of The World’s Largest And Most Sustainable Superyachts


After interviewing many of world’s most influential superyacht builders, designers and brokers during these tumultuous times for my recent “Superyacht Influencer Interview” series, several themes have emerged. 

Dallas Cowboy's owner Jerry Jones' sleek 354-foot-long superyacht is designed for maxium eficency underway.
Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones’ sleek 354-foot-long superyacht is designed for maxium eficency … [+] ROTSAPPHOTOGRAPHY.COM

First off, they quickly developed strategies to help their companies to deal with change. Many took a step back to ponder larger issues like global warming and sustainable superyacht construction and design. And everyone has been preparing for a whole new normal as the world comes out of lockdown even as Covid19 “hotspots” continue to emerge.

DAR's distinctive two-stroy windows are one of a kind.
DAR’s distinctive two-stroy windows are one of a kind. GEORGE AJOURY

But when it comes to innovation and sustainability, it’s pretty hard to top Oceanco. Not only does he Dutch superyacht shipyard build many of the largest and most recognizable superyachts in the world (DAR, Bravo Eugenia, DreAMBoat, and Black Pearl) outlined below. They all illustrate the company’s commitment to technology, innovation and sustainability too.

“As a builder, we always keep in mind that innovation should never be pursued for the sake of it; innovation should always add benefit to the owner,” comments Marcel Onkenhout, Oceanco’s CEO. 

Arthur Blank's DreAMBoat underway.

And innovation at Oceanco is not restricted to the yachts alone. Understanding the importance of building a better future for generations to come, Oceanco takes an all-embracing approach to sustainability at its state-of-the-art facilities, with cutting-edge efficient heated flooring systems, humidity controls and ground-source heat pumps, among other measures.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl's distinctive bow
Black Pearl’s distinctive bow TOM VAN OOSSANEN

As the world’s largest and maybe the most ecological yacht of its kind, the 313-foot-long Black Pearl is unlike any other large yacht on the planet. With a highly passionate and engaged owner – whose engineering background inspired a desire to advance innovative technology used on luxury yachts – her sustainability credentials are real. Every possible detail has been considered on Black Pearl to minimize ecological impact, from technical areas to crew operations. 

“On Black Pearl, the owner drove all parties, including himself, to new heights,” says Maria Ionoshkina, client’s press officer. “We adopted new technologies for first-time use on a luxury yacht, working with suppliers for solar, hydrogen, regeneration systems, insulation and more. Her waste heat recovery system allows for further gains in overall energy efficiency, too.”

Unlike other 300-foot “sailing” yachts that rely on engine assistance to propel them through the water, Black Pearl is a purebred wind-powered performer. A distinctive part of her design, the DynaRig sail system by Dykstra Naval Architects is extremely efficient and can be easily operated by a single person through push-button controls. Building on the first DynaRig superyacht from 2006, Black Pearl has enhanced tacking performance that takes her to a jaw-dropping 30 knots under sail; she sails even better than predicted and tacks well with little reduction in speed. 

And all that naturally generated pace does not go to waste on Black Pearl. Her hybrid propulsion system harvests kinetic energy under sail to be stored onboard and put to use powering the full house load, meaning the generators can be turned off while under sail. Truly the gold standard bearer for eco-conscious luxury yachting on a colossal scale, Black Pearl is capable of crossing the Atlantic without using a drop of fuel. 

Bravo Eugenia

Bravo Eugenia lights up the night in Capri.
Bravo Eugenia lights up the night in Capri. MARIO COPPOLA

Built for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Bravo Eugenia is Oceanco’s first superyacht built according the LIFE Design concept – standing for Lengthened, Innovative, Fuel efficient and Eco-friendly – developed in collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects. 

By focusing on a fundamental principle of hydrodynamics, the design team maximized the yacht’s waterline length in order to diminish requirement for propulsion power, and consequently reduced size of engine and related equipment needed. 

This positive feedback loop means Bravo Eugenia’s engine room can be situated on a single level (rarely seen on a yacht of this length), allowing an additional 100 square feet of prime interior space on the highly desirable waterline level. 

Combined with cutting-edge heat and energy recovery systems, responsive integrated batteries for continuous optimal operation and a refined hybrid propulsion system, Bravo Eugenia boasts a reduction in fuel usage of up to 30 percent compared to conventional superyachts of the same length. Thanks to her superlative environmental standards, she is able to cruise in all emission control areas around the globe. 


Arthur Blank's DreAMBoat under full steam!
Arthur Blank’s DreAMBoat under full steam! GUILLAUME_PLISSON

The 290-foot-long DreAMBoat was built for , in 2019 Oceanco proved that innovation and sustainability can still be achieved on a family-friendly motor yacht that comes with all the comforts and facilities imaginable. 

Alongside state-of-the-art technology, she features an exhaustive array of lifestyle attributes, including a stunning six-meter swimming pool on the sundeck, a private Jacuzzi on the owner’s deck, and a spa on the bridge deck aft with a custom-built hydrotherapy massage bath. Her extensive, well-connected exterior decks – including one of the largest sundecks in her class – are the perfect setting for endless family fun, while her interior is flooded with light through enormous windows that give unrestricted views of the stunning, ever-changing surroundings.


DAR's distinctive lines were inspired by a shark.
DAR’s distinctive lines were inspired by a shark. GEORGE A

DAR’s contemporary exterior and massive amounts of glass set DAR apart from most other large yachts. And since the upper decks are enclosed by almost 4,300 square feet of reflective glass, DAR makes a statement wherever she goes. 

“We are extremely proud of what has been accomplished through the realization of these landmark projects,” concludes Onkenhout. “Although DAR, Bravo Eugenia, DreAMBoat and Black Pearl are all unique, they each represent the very best of what can be achieved with a forward-thinking approach to modern yacht building.”

And as you can see with their most recent launch here, Oceanco is on a roll.

The newest, 313-foot-long superyacht emerges from Oceanco's construction facility in Holland.
The newest, 313-foot-long superyacht emerges from Oceanco’s construction facility in Holland. FRANCISCO MARTINEZPHOTOGRAPHY

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