Cashless Gaming: Sightline Payments and Aristocrat Technologies launch new mobile app


Sightline Payments and Aristocrat Technologies Inc have announced a partnership to deliver seamless, cashless gaming experiences with Play+. This will be enabled through Aristocrat Gaming’s Oasis 360™ casino management system.

As a result of the partnership between Sightline Play+’s integrated payment option and Aristocrat’s cashless wagering, new capabilities are set to soar. These include the likes of digital mobile payment and contactless wallet operations for guests. 

Cath Burns, EVP of Customer Experience Solutions for Aristocrat, said: “Cashless gaming is the future of our industry, and our intent was to partner with a company that can deliver an incredible experience to the guest.

“The Sightline team fully understands the important role that the integration in the casino management system provides for the operator to improve the guest experience, and we are excited to partner with Sightline to enable these innovations.”

These ideals were cultivated and since launched at a number of Boyd Gaming properties including Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Plans to increase BoydPay are set on the horizon to enable guests to use their smartphones to fund gaming, all the while paying for amenities through the properties.

With aims to work together, Aristocrat and Sightline plan to assign themselves across North America to further the new opportunities for Sightline’s 70+ partners, alongside the 400 (and then some) North American casinos that utilise Aristocrat’s Oasis 360™ casino management system. Additional property launches are also on the market, combining the development of Sightline’s Play+ solution and Aristocrat’s Oasis 360™ casino management.

“If casinos want to truly harness the transformative power of cashless gaming, they must integrate digital payments and loyalty rewards into their casino management system,” said Andrew Crowe, SVP for Sightline Payments. 

“This partnership with Aristocrat will enable players across North America to seamlessly access cashless gaming on a scale that the industry has not seen before.”


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