All about Cyprus.

Because of the numerous advantages that Cyprus provides, it is an excellent location for international companies. In addition to its strategic geographic location and outstanding commercial infrastructure, Cyprus also benefit from several tax perks, which have all contributed to the country's development as an important international business centre. Cyprus also has a sophisticated banking system, which is an added bonus to its already illustrious business environment. Tax breaks for International Business Companies (IBCs), shipping companies, international trusts, and partnerships are provided by the Cyprus government in order to entice foreign investment into the country. Despite its low-tax, Cyprus has not been considered a tax haven as it enjoys the approval of EU and other jurisdictions through its compliance with international treaties. This is important as it ensures that entities incorporated in Cyprus can enjoy both a low-tax regime and the reputation of having a company in a renowned business centre.


Visa is an official permit for an individual to cross certain geographical borders under pre-defined conditions.


Companies are predominately created to serve a purpose and usually that purpose is profit making, so what do you do when the purpose of the company becomes obsolete? 


The Cyprus government published its Action Plan for recruiting firms to establish or extend their activities in Cyprus on October 15, 2021...


Intellectual Property (IP) is a term used to describe intangible property which are mind creations such as patents, software programs, formulas, inventions, copyright, trademarks and other.


Setting and establishing a business in Cyprus may initially seem like a simple process, but through our experience, we can safely state that it is not without its challenges.


In general, expenses incurred wholly and exclusively for the purpose of generating taxable income are deductible against the company's taxable income...


The origin of the trust concept has its roots from ancient times in the Roman law, but has been particularly developed and honed in the English legal system during the 12th and 13th centuries...


Your A to Z guide on how to become a Crypto Asset Service Provider in Cyprus...



Because of the numerous advantages that Cyprus provides, it is an excellent location for international companies.