2 years after leaving Apple, Jony Ive’s new design company finally has a website — take a look


A design firm from the man behind the look of many of Apple’s iconic products now has an official website. 

Jony Ive was Apple’s chief design officer and led the company’s design for devices such as the iPhoneiPad, and iPod. He worked at the tech giant for nearly 30 years before departing in 2019 to kick-start his own design company, LoveFrom, with his fellow designer Marc Newson, who Ive brought to Apple in 2014.

Now, LoveFrom has its own website. The site is minimalist and welcomes visitors with a blank white page and a typing bar. The bar gradually spells out LoveFrom before collapsing into a comma and prompting visitors to scroll down for the rest. 

The website describes LoveFrom as “a creative collective.”

“We are designers, architects, musicians, filmmakers, writers, engineers, and artists,” the site says. “We are obsessed with the traditions of creating and making. Fanatically devoted to excellence. Insatiably curious.”

LoveFrom recently made headlines when the Financial Times reported that the firm was entering into a partnership with Ferrari and its parent company, Exor, to create the carmaker’s first electric vehicle.

As for LoveFrom’s moniker, Ive has previously said the name was inspired by a conversation he once had with Steve Jobs. The Apple cofounder had told Ives that creating products with love and care was a way of “expressing your gratitude to humanity.”

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/